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Generation Z In The Workplace

Helping the Newest Generation in the Workforce Build Successful Working Relationships and Career Path

Generation Z in the Workplace is the first in a four-part series

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Supervisors of Gen Z will learn:

  • How to prevent “job hopping” and keep Gen Z workers for the long term
  • How to help Gen Z workers grow even if promotions are not available
  • What are Generation Z’s top career priorities

Gen Z workers will discover:

  • How to communicate and work with their boss and the other generations at work
  • The benefits of building a support network
  • How to create a career development plan

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Reader Reviews

What a wonderful guide to navigating Generation Z. I work at tech company and I’m surrounded by Gen Z and constantly struggle how to communicate. – BishPlz – Amazon

This was a great book. I love the practical application of the questions and exercises throughout. I found that I was able to apply information in the book almost immediately. – Kelly M. Stepno – Amazon

Just Released – “Millennials in the Workplace”

Millennials in the Workplace

Helping the Largest Generation Group Succeed at Work and in Their Careers

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Millennial/Gen Y workers will discover:

  • How to communicate and work with other generations
  • How to better relate to their supervisor
  • Career advice insights from other Millennials
  • Tools to create a career development plan

Supervisors of Millennial/Gen Y workers will learn:

  • How to help develop Millennial workers
  • Key career priorities for Millennials
  • What Millennials want from their managers to help them succeed
  • The behaviors that limit Millennials at work

Millennials in the Workplace: Helping the Largest Generation Group
Succeed at Work and in Their Careers

By Dr. Candace Steele Flippin

In her second book, Millennials in the Workplace, multigenerational workplace scholar, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin offers research-based insights and easy to follow exercises designed to help the 54 million Millennial (also known as Gen Y) workers build successful career paths and productive relationships with their supervisors.

By distilling her research down into practical tips for Millennials as well as their supervisors, Millennials in the Workplace provides a road map for a successful career journey and productive workplace environment.

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