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For organizations looking for research-supported insights to address workplace challenges or opportunities, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin’s research and advisory support provide a roadmap to success. She partners with organizations to help them lean into future trends to best determine how to attract, train, develop, motivate and retain employees that help them achieve their goals.

Engage with Dr. Steele Flippin to determine how the future of work can benefit your organization’s capacity, workplace culture and bottom line. Focused on the intricacies of managing a multigenerational workforce, her guidance can help boost your organization’s capacity, culture, and bottom line.

Hire Dr. Steele Flippin to conduct bespoke research to gain critical insights into workforce trends and expectations from Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. Her studies help businesses and organizations understand and adapt to the evolving labor market.

Invite Dr. Steele Flippin to deliver captivating talks on critical topics around the future of work, including technological innovation, workforce demographics, and workplace flexibility. Inspiring and informing, her talks offer fresh perspectives on the changing landscape of work for a multi-generational audience.

Participate in Dr. Steele Flippin’s workshops, uniquely crafted to explore and address the complexities of the modern workplace. Sessions are interactive and provide practical insights and strategies for organizational development and employee engagement.

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