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Get Your Career in SHAPE

Women’s careers are held back by cultural norms, gender bias, sexism, and self-policing. And too often, their self-efficacy―the belief in their ability to be successful―is at risk.  This revolutionary book delivers practical career guidance to women with five accessible steps to help them achieve the success they need, want, and deserve.

“A comprehensive plan to help women improve their careers. Many readers will feel they’ve at last met the professional mentor of their dreams.”

 — Kirkus Reviews

Get Your Career in SHAPE Workbook

Design to complement The SHAPE Framework found in my GET YOUR CAREER IN SHAPE: A Five-Step Guide to Achieve the Success You Need, Want, and Deserve book. A step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of you planning your journey.

SHAPE Career Assessment®

Take this online research based assessment designed especially for women and receive a full report & career action plan. This assessment complements the research in her best-selling book, Get Your Career in SHAPE.

Generation Z in the Workplace

Learn and understand Gen Z’s values, perceptions and what they want from their careers straight from young, up and coming workers. Generation Z in the Workplace is also perfect for supervisors looking to optimize their management skill set for this generation.

“Generation Z in the Workplace was a great book. I love the practical application of the questions and exercises throughout. I found that I was able to apply information in the book almost immediately… Finally, as a supervisor of generation z staff, I found the checklist for supervisors really helpful. I have already recommended this book to a few colleagues.”

 — Generation Z in the workplace Amazon Review

Millennials in the Workplace

Read about research-based insights and easy to follow exercises designed to help the more than 54 million Millennial (also known as Gen Y) workers build successful career paths and productive relationships with their supervisors.

“Dr. Steele Flippin did an excellent job laying out facts, observations and details based on actual research. She addressed workforce dynamics from both the Millennial and Manager’s perspective to provide an understanding of how to create a better multi-generational workforce.”

 — Millennials in the Workplace Amazon Review

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