Speaker | Multigenerational Workplace Scholar | Author

Speaker | Multigenerational Workplace Scholar | Author

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TEDx Memphis

February 22, 2020 Memphis, TN Hitting the stage for my first @Tedx Talk! Meet me at @CrosstownConcourse on Feb 22. Tickets are available NOW! http://www.tedx-memphis.com/tickets

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Generation Z in the Workplace

Helping the Newest Generation in the Workforce Build Successful Working Relationships and Career Path

  • Learn how to keep Gen Z workers for the long term
  • Help Gen Z workers grow even if promotions are not available
  • Discover how to work with other generations at work
  • Create a career development plan

Millennials in the Workplace


Helping the Largest Generation Group Succeed at Work and in Their Careers

  • Learn how to better relate to Gen X and Baby Boomer supervisors
  • Gain career advice insights from other Millennials
  • Read highlights on what Millennials need to succeed
  • Identify the behaviors that limit Millennials at work

Select Publications

Whitehouse P., Steele Flippin, C. (2017) The Fiction, Fact, and Mystery of Generation X,  Generations. American Society on Aging.

Steele Flippin, C. (2017) The Glass Ceiling Is Breaking, Now What? Accelerating Gen X Woman among the Leadership Ranks, Generations. American Society on Aging.

Steele Flippin C., Boland R., Whitehouse P. (November 2015). Does the Multigenerational Workplace Threaten the Future of Nonprofit Leadership? Paper presented at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) International Conference, Chicago, Illinois.   Nominated for Best Paper.