Everyone has something to offer in a multigenerational workplace.

Many organizations can have four or even five different generations working together, each bringing unique values, priorities and goals. Leveraging the diversity of a multigenerational workplace can provide a stronger culture, broader perspectives and greater productivity.

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The multigenerational workplace is transforming
the way we work, think, act and grow…

Today’s workplace is multigenerational and can include up to five different generations all working together.

• Traditionalist born 1922-1945
• Baby Boomer born 1946–1964
• Generation X born 1965–1980
• Generation Y (Millennials) born 1981–1995
• Generation Z born after 1995

From the employee mix to emerging technology to services provided, it’s a dynamic time for employers and employees. Long-held assumptions are fleeting. Age is no longer synonymous with seniority. A new idea no longer presumes better. Even lines between industries are blurring as innovation transforms consumer expectations by the day.

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