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Women start over 1,800 businesses every day and it is not for the faint of heart. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20 percent of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open. Nearly half (45 percent) of businesses fail during the first five years. With so much at stake when starting a new venture, it is essential to gather as many resources as possible to increase your chances for success.

Facebook groups can be a great resource when starting a business. They cover a diversity of topics and are helpful in providing timely information and creating a sense of community. Whether you are interested in attracting more clients and sales or growing your following on social media, below are five fast-growing Facebook groups every female business owner should explore when first starting out.

Women of Business

This group is great for organically increasing your social media followers and engagement. With 14K members and growing, there will always be someone new who either hasn’t yet seen what your business has to offer or who is ready and willing to not only follow your business on social media but engage as well. This group has many beauty and fashion industry wholesalers, so if that’s your thing, this is the group for you. Women in this group are very supportive and like to help each other with sales and celebrate when those sales are made whether they helped make them happen or not.

Business Lounge for Women Entrepreneurs

This group’s vibe is precisely what its name implies: it has an end-of-the-day lounge feeling, where you can kick back, enjoy your beverage of choice, openly ask questions, discuss business tips, and exchange advice. The women in this group are incredibly supportive and always willing to share and help each other out. It is also a great place to scout for new clients and meet other business-minded women to have a weekend Zoom brunch with. Business Lounge for Women Entrepreneurs has 17.5K members and can offer a lot of potential for new clients and growth in your business.

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

With over 400K group members, this is the place for networking. The women in this group are constantly engaging with each other’s posts, offering advice on a wide range of topics—from how to get more clients to which business podcasts members are listening to right now. They also have great social media engagement days such as Follow Fridays and Facebook Page Wednesdays, and these events are very helpful in driving organic growth. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs provides a supportive group of like-minded people to speak to on those days we all have where things are just not going as planned.

Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females is another great gem of a Facebook group. They have over 47K members at the time of writing this, and are continually growing by about 10K a month. Because of this rapid growth rate, Freelancing Females offers excellent networking opportunities. This group is focused on women who are seeking a community atmosphere. Women share advice from what rates to charge (which is always a struggle when first starting a business) to how to increase your client opportunities. Some of the women in this group need freelancers themselves, so joining this group is a great way to find work and then convert those folks into actual clientele.

Boss Project

This group was formally known as the Think Creative Collective but now goes by Boss Project. Their name may have changed, but the same fantastic group remains. Their advice is always on point, especially for the more creative entrepreneurs out there. While this group is not strictly for women, it was co-founded by two women and is as female-friendly as they come. The group has over 28K members and offers resources and advice for many industries, including but not limited to designers, event planners, health coaches, and travel bloggers.